Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sigh ...

My motherboard has toasted itself.  It's still under warrantee, though, so all I have to do is disembowel the computer, take the board back to the store where they will replace it, bring it home, and rebuild the computer.  In the meantime I have limited use of Daughter's computer.  Very limited.

For the first time ever, on Tuesday I will actually be paying to attend a job fair.  Only $5.60, and part of that will go to charity, but still ... it just doesn't seem right, somehow.  How many good people are going to miss this opportunity because they can't wring another $5.60 out of the grocery budget, or the rent money?  Telling myself that the attendance cost cuts down on the competition doesn't make me feel very good either, because anyone who can't afford the entry fee (or the transit fare) is more desperately in need of a job than I am.  So I'm trying to just think of it as a necessary investment.

I've printed a few copies of my resume and references to take with me, since there will apparently be spaces set up for on-the-spot interviews, and I also plan to carry a thumb drive with both loaded on it.  I've learned that when it comes to job hunting, there's no such thing as being "too prepared".  I'll be touching up my roots tonight, and fine-tuning what I'll wear; it will have to be both professional and comfortable, because I may very well be there all day.  The hardest part of the process, I think, will be maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude the whole time.  Even though I have nothing to lose and possibly a great deal to gain.

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