Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I seem to be having a couple of weeks of sitting on my hands waiting for one thing after another ...

Finally made it over to Daughter's place again to use her computer ... I could have gone to Mom's place and used hers, but the constant negativity there really weighs me down.  She just got a prescription for a new anti-depressant, so we're all waiting to see how well it works for her.

The job fair was kind of a bust ... not a total waste of time, but pretty close.  I did connect with a former co-worker who provided a couple of possible leads; I've applied to both, and now  -  as always  -  I wait.  I also got a call from another former co-worker last Friday; she's now managing a shipping agency, and one of her people just gave notice.  She asked for my resume, which I promptly sent her, and said she'll be pushing upper management to let her hire me.  Here's hoping!

After much telephoning back and forth, the retailer has provided me with a readable copy of the invoice for my dead motherboard.  Tomorrow I'll take it in, request the new one, and arrange for the retailer's tech department to switch over the processor and heat sink.  That's a trickily delicate job I'd rather pay a pro to do.  I wonder how long I'll be waiting for that?  And once I get the new one home, I'll be waiting for my friend the computer builder to get back into town and install everything for me.

I guess my frustration comes from not being able to do the things I feel I should be doing, because I have to wait for other things to happen first.  I can't get on with my craft fair projects, or my Christmas gift projects, because there's a disembowelled computer spread across my work surface.  I can't get started on next spring's garden planning until Big Guy decides where he wants to put the camper, which can't come off The Truck because it is waiting for him to locate the parts he needs, without which it can't move.   I finished a knitting project, but can't start any of the next three until I get downtown to track down the DPNs I need for them.  At least I can do that tomorrow, once I'm finished (I hope!) at the computer shop.  Then I can really get moving on gifts.

The craft fair stuff, though, is starting to look a little iffy.  The deadlines for reserving tables are fast approaching, but  I don't want to book and pay for tables when I may not have anything to put on them ... and until my computer is restored I have no space to work on anything saleable.  Then again, if any of my recent job applications pan out, doing the craft fairs becomes much less necessary.  I like doing them, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do them.

In the meantime, I'm working hard on not taking my frustrations out on my loved ones.


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