Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chipping Away At Things

Every time I make plans, something happens to change, disarrange, or nullify them.  Heavy sigh.  So I've decided that instead of announcing any intentions ahead of time, I'm going to focus on what I'm actually doing and what I've managed to get done.  Take that, Raven, Coyote, Loki, and whoever else has been throwing sand in my gears!  I'm also going to stop restricting my posting to twice a week; from now on, if there's something I want to post, I'm going to post it right then.

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day compared to most Mondays.  My poor knees were still protesting the hike through the provincial park on Sunday, so I mostly did things I could do sitting down ...

I gathered all of my makeup and related items on the desk  -  for someone who doesn't wear makeup often, it was suprising how much I had  -  sorted out stage/costuming/special effects makeup & tools, and  set all that to one side to go back into my "conventions and costuming" bin.  Then I weeded through everything that was left, tossing out whatever was too old or was a shade I knew I'd never wear again.  There were a few items in the "toss" category that were still new/sealed  -  they are all now in a bag for either the local women's shelter or Dress For Success, depending on which end of town I have an errand in next.  What's left now fits nicely in one smallish basket in my top dresser drawer, and is all stuff I know I will use.

Then I did the same thing with all my hair ties, clips, headbands, and related odds and ends.  Now, instead of an entire dresser drawer where I can never find the one thing I'm looking for, there are two small baskets in the same drawer with the makeup.  That frees up an entire drawer for other things, and there's still room for one more basket, which I think will be all my nail polishes and manicure tools  -  once I put that collection through the same weeding process, that is.

I downloaded all the pictures I took yesterday ... most of them are so-so, but I was really pleased with these three:

This fellow was determined to get every last bug out of that stump no matter how close I got:

The island seems to be all sandstone and there are some interesting formations, especially at the tide line:

And the arbutus trees are all twisted and sculpted by the wind:

If I ever come into a lot of money, I'd love to invest in some really top-of-the-line camera gear and take some photography courses.  For now, I'm happy playing with my little Nikon.

Apart from that, I finished a library book, started another one, and did some mending in front of the television.

So far today I've gone through my dresser and the "casual" half of my closet, and have filled two big bags with donations for the local thrift store.  I don't know if I'll get to the "office" clothes today, but I'm pleased with the results of my weeding so far.  When I finally get to the point where I'm ready to start using my patterns-and-fabric stash, I'll have plenty of hangers for new pieces, and enough space in the closet for them too!

Of course, there are the usual everyday chores ... dishes, cat care, weeding & watering what the squirrels have left of the vegetable garden, and so on ... let's just take it as a given that those are the things that happen every day and don't need to be detailed in every post  :-) 

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