Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Festival Of Frugality

I'm so excited!  I just found out that my first-ever submission to the Festival of Frugality was actually accepted!  You can see it all here, hosted by Frugal For Life:

Festival of Frugality

I'm having problems making links work, but please go check out the Festival!  With thirty-five bloggers contributing, there's enough really good stuff there to keep you busy for days!  Shopping, saving, spending, food, diapers, taxes, call phones, insurance, traveling ... no matter what your situation is or what you're most interested in, you'll find something worth reading and thinking about here.

And a huge, heartfelt "Thank you!" to Dawn for hosting!

I'll be back once I figure out what I'm doing wrong with links, to talk about the Festival some more.


  1. Well done on the linking. Learning new things is fun, right?

  2. I've always thought so! Some things just take me a little longer than others ...


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