Monday, August 2, 2010

A Progress Report, Sort Of

It's nice to be feeling closer to human again ...

It's not so nice to still be facing almost everything I had planned to do over the weekend.

Out of everything I talked about doing, I've managed to actually do only two things; I did get the Big Guy to cut my hair after my shower yesterday, and I did make it to Pennington's today for new bras and knickers.  On sale.  Thereby spending a little more than half of what I'd budgeted, and getting more items than I'd planned to buy.  Now that's something to make a girl feel better!  I felt guilty about forgetting my canvas shopping bag, until I realized that the plastic bag the store gave me is not only sturdy enough to use for groceries over and over again, it's also just the right size for the bathroom wastebasket once it starts to wear out (the bag, not the basket).  So my guilt is somewhat alleviated by being able to get so much use out of the bag.

Big Guy is cooking a turkey tonight ( on sale for $1.19 a pound).  We love turkey, and we'll get quite a few meals out of this one:

Tonight, a standard roast turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, veggies, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.
Tomorrow, cold turkey sandwiches and a green salad.
Wednesday, turkey shepherd's pie, with the leftover veggies thrown in, topped with the leftover potatoes.
Thursday, hot turkey sandwiches with the leftover gravy, and the rest of the salad.
Friday, stir-fry and rice.
Saturday, everything edible left on the carcass will go into the soup pot, along with onions, peas, green beans, celery, carrots, fresh garlic and ginger.  At the end we'll take out at least half to freeze (in one of my re-used peanut butter jars), and then decide whether we want to add rice, potatoes, or egg noodles to the soup we'll be eating right away.

Today's shopping excursion really tired me out, so instead of cleaning this evening, I'll be parked in front of the television with a big pile of mending ... I wonder if one of the reasons I enjoy sewing so much is that I can do it sitting down?

I still need a good suit, though.  Tomorrow, after I've done my daily on-line job search and registered with some temp agencies, I'm hoping to get over to New Westminster to my favourite consignment store.  They specialize in "plus" sizes (read: fat lady), and since I spent so much less today than I planned to, I can be more flexible about prices if they have something I really like.  That's the great thing about budgeting for everything  -  every now and then there's a little more money than expected left over, that can be put toward something else. 

If there's time, I'd also like to check out a couple of used bookstores, to see if it would be worth my while taking in some of the fiction I know I'm not going to read again, to either trade or sell outright.  Who knows  -  since they all came from yard sales and thrift stores to begin with, I might even make a profit!  (I won't buy a book new unless I have a gift card and I know it's one I'll be reading or referring to again and again.)

Tomorrow evening will be "wardrobe evaluation" time.  I'll certainly hang onto a few older, beat-up items  -  jeans, sweats, t-shirts, hoodies  -  for camping and yard work, but apart from that, it's time to be ruthless!  If it doesn't suit me or it's looking worn/tired/dated or I just plain don't like it, out it goes.  If I'd have to lose more than five pounds to get into it again, out it goes.  If I have absolutely nothing it goes with ... well, you get the picture!  Maybe I'll get really brave and go through my purses and totes too ... or maybe not.

Wednesday, if nothing interferes, will be the day for nails, roots, and eyebrows; Thursday will be for cleaning up my workroom and going through patterns, fabric, and yarn.  Then I should be pretty much back on track with my original plans, albeit a few days late  -  I'll let you know.

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