Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Can Be Good

It's been a really random day so far ... but in a good way!

The day started with a call out of the blue from a company I sent a resume to over a month ago.  They're looking for someone for a one-year temp contract, and would I be interested?  YES!  Well, then, did I have time do a telephone interview right now?  YES, YES!!  It went quite well, and the lady I was speaking with said that she really liked all the information I'd given her and would pass my name and resume to her head office, and I would hear back from them within a week.  A year's temping at $15 - $16 an hour is nothing to turn my nose up at.  It wouldn't include benefits or vacation time but that's okay  -  we have medical coverage through the Big Guy's union, and I can take a vacation when the year is over.

My plans for the week have pretty much gone out the window, for a number of reasons.  I've come to the conclusion that I'll actually get more done if I just "wing it" ...

For example, one of the items on my original to-do list was cleaning up my workroom so I'd actually have room to work.  Since I didn't make it to the consignment store yesterday after all (daughter needed my help with a few things), I decided to do the cleaning today instead of Thursday, do my hair, nails, eyebrows, and more wardrobe weeding tomorrow, and hit the consignment store on Friday on my way to Mom's for our weekly movie night  -  thereby saving two transit tickets, aren't I smart? 

Within five minutes of when I started in the workroom, I realized there was a lot of stuff in here that I just don't need or want any more.  So I headed to the basement to look for boxes I could put all the "donate" stuff in ... but wait!  As long as I was going downstairs anyway, I took a load of laundry with me and threw it in the washer.  While doing that, I noticed the litter box needed cleaning ... after which cat litter needed to be added to the shopping list, since I emptied the bag into the clean litter box.

The addition of cat litter makes the list long enough to justify a trip to the store (better remember to put the canvas shopping bags by the door!).  Which is next door to the library, so I'll pop in and see if the books I requested are in yet.  Oh, and the bank is across the street, so I'll take all my rolled up coins to deposit.  And the bottle depot is across the parking lot, so I'll throw that big bag of pop cans and bottles in the car ... and they also recycle dead electronics, so I can drop off the dvd player we're never going to get fixed because it was cheaper to replace it.  A block further down is the local farmers' market ... we need celery and carrots ... wonder if they have peaches at a good price?

That will put me only two blocks from the thrift store where I want to donate all this extraneous workroom clutter, so I'll fill up a couple of boxes while I wait for the washer to stop so I can put the laundry on the clothesline before I go out.  The real trick will be to drop off my donations at the back and then not go into the store; it's my favourite place to find all kinds of lovely clothes at rock-bottom prices!  I must keep reminding myself that I want to use up my fabric-and-yarn stash first.

If I were running these errands just one or two at a time, I'd be walking, but the combined weight of what I'm donating would break the bottom right out of my shopping cart, as would the weight of what I'll be bringing home.  Combining as many close-together errands as possible into just one trip in the car is the next best option in terms of gas money and the environment.  I'll just have to go for a nice long walk this evening ... and take a bag with me for the deposit containers I'm sure to find!

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