Monday, August 9, 2010

More Plans Gone Awry

I begin to feel as though my life is just one long series of interruptions ...

All those plans I had for Thursday, Friday, and the weekend?  The Domino Effect intervened ... again ... ::sigh::

On Thursday afternoon, our youngest daughter was offered a job in the kitchen of a tourist resort on one of the Gulf Islands.  Woot!  She was thrilled  -  the pay is good, she loves the location and has friends there, the staff housing is incredibly cheap, and it will be an impressive addition to her resume.  Most important to her was getting out of the pizza place she'd been miserable working at, and getting a chance to do some "real cooking with real food!"  Currently the job is scheduled to last until at least the end of September, but it could go longer because the current head chef is talking about leaving at the end of tourist season ... here's hoping!

Of course, that meant she had two days to do laundry, organize everything she wanted to take with her, and get all her packing done.  She had to be there by Sunday, to get her housing sorted out and get settled in before doing all the paperwork today (Monday) and starting work tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  And she had too much stuff to carry, so that meant loading up my car to drive her there.  Which meant going on-line to reserve my car spot both ways on the very small, no-cars-without-reservations ferry for Sunday.  Which meant using my just-zeroed-out Visa to prepay the fares.  The only times I could get were going over on the 3:00 p.m. sailing and coming back on the 9:30 p.m. sailing.  No problem; that would have put me back at home by 11:15 Sunday night ... a bit later than I'd have preferred, but not too late to do my regular Sunday night post here.  Older daughter decided to come along, which was really nice; I don't get to see much of her lately, and she was really good company on the trip home. 

I actually did make it to the consignment store on Friday, to find they had nothing in my size that I liked (I don't do plaid); I'll try again in a few days.  And some cleaning did get done in the workroom, though not nearly as much as I'd hoped.  A lot of time was taken up with helping Daughter get ready to go, including several variations of "No, you are not taking my/our _________ !"  Of course, she waited until Saturday evening to bring me an armload of clothes that needed mending so she could take them with her. I didn't really mind that at all, but her timing could have been better, and I ended up hemming the last pair of chef's pants on the ferry on the way over.  (I love to sew and hate to cook, so I do everyone's mending and they do all the cooking  -  works for me!)

The trip over was good.  The ferry was on time, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and we saw our local pod of orcas playing in the strait and got a couple of good pictures!  It didn't take long to get Daughter settled in, so we had time to visit the provincial park on the island, where I got some terrific (to me, anyway) pictures of arbutus trees and odd tideline rock formations, and one very single-minded pileated woodpecker.  Then we grabbed a bite to eat at the local store, dropped our budding chef off at the staff house, and Older Daughter and I headed back to the ferry terminal.  Overall a very enjoyable day.  So far.

Remember I said we were booked on the 9:30 p.m. sailing?   Yes.  Well.

We were supposed to be there 30 minutes before sailing time, and we were.  As soon as we were through the gate and in the loading line, the terminal staff announced that the ferry was delayed (I still don't know why) and would be up to an hour late.  And then they promptly closed the one and only food stand  -  I couldn't even get a cup of coffee!  The ferry actually didn't come in until 11:15 p.m., so we got back here at 1:00 a.m., wolfed down a sandwich apiece, and went to sleep; Daughter went home this morning.

So now I'm undecided.  Do I plan out the next few days and hope nothing interferes?  Or do I just wing it, do everything in no particular order, and hope for the best?

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